Sides and Snacks

Sides and Snacks $

$3.5 Sides

  • *Black or Pinto Beans w/ vegan sour cream GF
  • *Pineapple Cole Slaw GF
  • *Seasonal Mixed Veggies with Garlic Aioli GF
  • *Mashed Sweet Potatoes GF
  • *Garlicky Kale GF
  • *Homemade Hummus & Chips GF
  • *Homemade Salsa Verde & Chips GF
  • *Chickpea Salad GF
  • *Lentil Stew with garlic aioli GF
  • *Side of the day
  • *Soup of the day

$4.5 Sides

  • *Side Salad: beets, carrots, pumpkin seeds, sprouts on green leaf lettuce with your choice of dressing GF
  • *Vegan Queso & non-GMO corn chips GF
  • *Spinach-Artichoke Dip & non-GMO corn chips GF
  • *Grilled organic tofu or tempeh with BBQ sauce GF
  • *Simple grilled cheese on sourdough with vegan or dairy cheese

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